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EMV Payment

MULTOS has become the solution of choice for discerning EMV issuers wishing to leverage the capabilities of smartcards. Core design features associated with MULTOS provide financial issuers the luxury of remaining in complete control throughout the lifecycle of the smartcard. This translates to better control over the supply chain and a lower total cost of ownership for personalisation and provisioning a smart card or smart device. The core components that make this possible are:

  • Secure run-time environment designed into the MULTOS virtual machine that ensures the integrity of the device (the MULTOS OS is also mandated to execute on high-security silicon chips)
  • Application firewalls segregated and controlled by the OS; data cannot be shared except by explicit design
  • Built-in key management, with unique identifiers per-device and cryptographic linking to the device issuer
  • Secure load package concept, where the application data can be generated off-card and encrypted for the target device – and only that device – and loaded onto the card/device
  • Efficient platform that comprises the OS, virtual machine and APIs designed from the ground-up for smartcard chips. This ensures that MULTOS applications are much smaller than competing offerings, and can execute faster without compromising security or functionality

MULTOS has been implemented by issuers for all major payment schemes. These include the international players such as MasterCard, VISA, American Express and JCB, but also numerous regional domestic schemes that provide debit services.

Our EMV products are available in contact, contactless and dual-interface formats in numerous EEPROM sizes. Learn more about MULTOS & MULTOS step/one


Neobank customers from the fintech industry are taking advantage of key factors of MULTOS technology: fast on-boarding and readiness for EMV profiles, wide choice of card suppliers (globally), and the renowned security and proven technology of MULTOS that is already being used by dozens of fintechs around the world. Of’course those features of the technology are just as important to any issuer, which is why MULTOS is the platform of choice for 3,000+ issuers.

EMV and Transit

Open loop transit solutions, entailing both a transit application and an EMV payment application on a single contactless or dual-interface smartcard, represent an optimal environment for MULTOS.

Applications present on a MULTOS or MULTOS step/one card operate entirely independent of each other throughout their respective lifecycles. Owners of the applications remain responsible for the provisioning of their respective applications and are assured that individual applications are unable to interfere, or otherwise access data, of other applications co-residing on the smartcard.