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StepXpress and MULTOS KMA Solutions

Global Key Management Services for MULTOS - StepXpress

Our online StepXpress service provides comprehensive support for bureaus, issuers and systems integrators deploying MULTOS cards. We provide MULTOS enablement data and application load/delete certificates 24 hours a day and have supported the issuance of over 1 billion secure MULTOS devices. For more information please direct queries to

Solutions for independent MULTOS Key Management Authorities

We offer government agencies or government system integrators the capability to host their own MULTOS Key Management (KMA) system to support sensitive card programmes such as citizen identity, e-Health, e-passport or any other government service utilising a smartcard or other secure device. Our proven MULTOS KMA solution has been used successfully by a number of governments who wanted to use the benefits of MULTOS technology but maintain full control and sovereignty over every key in the device.  Contact us for more information.

MULTOS test cards

We provide MULTOS test cards to meet the needs of application and solution providers.

To order your MULTOS or MULTOS step/one test cards or developer cards, please send your request to