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EMV Certificate Authority (CA) Solutions

CA Solution for Payment Network Migrating to EMV

For payment networks intending to utilise EMV rollouts (be it for cards, devices or even mobile), the system owner needs to manage the implementation challenges for the cryptographic components and incorporate access to the scheme players – issuers and their perso bureaus, acquirers and POS terminals.  Our range of solution options for the EMV CA has been tailored to meet these specific needs of an EMV payment system, and can be utilised by networks ranging in size from global payment brands, to domestic networks, private label systems and even down to small closed-loop solutions.  No system is too big or too small for our EMV CA offer.

A critical foundation for any payment scheme implementing EMV is the need for an EMV Certificate Authority (CA).  An EMV CA supports the creation of the crucial payment system keys that underpin the core trust in the payment transaction and the digital signing of issuer keys to create the certificates that are needed for each device. Payment system keys comprise a public component that needs to be distributed through acquirers and deployed in EMV point-of-sale terminals.  For the Issuer side, during EMV card production, the Issuer public key is signed to create the EMV-format digital certificate that needs to be included in the cryptographic elements personalised into the card.

Our roles-based EMV CA solution covers all the critical processes including the admin of the EMV CA (responsibility of the payment network owner), authorisation flow (to manage and approve actions within the system) and access for the various players in the payment system.

Fast and easy implementation with hosted or licensed offering

The EMV CA solution is a sophisticated system that supports web-based management and interaction for payment schemes, issuers and acquirers. The solution is available in 2 variants:

  • Software License to be installed at the customer premises and operated by the customer, or
  • Cloud Solution, where we host the service using our array of EMV CA servers and connected HSMs, inside our secure facility with trained security professionals. In this variant, the administration and control of the EMV CA (access, workflow, etc) remains with the payment system owner, but the operation and maintenance of the solution is in the hands of our experts.