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We have been developing secure operating systems and applications for the smartcard and smart device markets for over 25 years.  Our core expertise is in the ultra-secure, multi-application, open standard platform MULTOS, and the associated applications that run on that platform.  While we predominantly target markets and provide off-the-shelf applications to suit EMV payments, government identity, and secure connected devices, our MULTOS platform products can be used in all manner of various use-cases.  Typical demands include the need for real security, management of the full product lifecycle, flexibility in product provisioning, and customer control over the supply chain. 

Find out more about our operating system platforms supporting MULTOS and MULTOS step/one here

We also have a range of off-the shelf applications to support various market needs.  These are typically the various EMV payment applications covering each of the payment network specifications.  But we can also offer application development services for different custom needs, or provide advice and assistance for your own application development if that is what you are after.  Find out more about our applications here.

Our MULTOS platform products, and many of our applications are available in contactless options.  If you are looking for contactless solutions, including EMV payments in a range of different form-factors such as wearables, stickers and more, then you can find out more here.