Webinar: Flexible Security for USB Capable Devices

Webinar: Flexible Security for USB Capable Devices

May 19, 2021 3:00pm - 3:30pm (GMT)
Location: Online

Join MULTOS and DIGISEQ to learn about the security need for USB capable devices, and the benefits of using MULTOS technology to provide a cryptographic hardware root of trust for securing devices and applications

Our speakers will explain the MULTOS P5 USB Dongle proof of concept, the drivers behind it, and the security and flexibility it offers.

Webinar: Instant Issuance - Payment cards issued on the spot

Instant Issuance - Payment Cards on the spot

About This Webinar

Thales, a world leader in digital identity & security, and MULTOS, the secure technology for smart cards and smart devices, will share their knowledge on the instant issuance market and trends, on delivering robust and capable instant issuance programmes and how security can be applied to ensure trust, confidence and security assurance in delivering seamless instant issuance solutions.