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Technical Support

MULTOS experts, having been directly involved with numerous implementations of all sizes from local domestic debit schemes to large multi-national credit card schemes, government projects, authentication and more.  No matter the configuration, or which vendors are involved, we can provide the solutions necessary to make your investment and commitment payoff.  And since our team are based in your region, understand your business environment and ready to speak your language, we can get you up and running quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

Throughout the industry, we are renowned for our ability and willingness to work with clients to ensure a first-class implementation. At every stage, from strategic conception through to rollout and beyond, our global network of support specialists will provide valuable insight and technical expertise garnered from considerable experience.

Our technical experts have a particular speciality in EMV, having been involved not only in assisting card issuers and perso bureaus to issue EMV cards, but have also worked on numerous EMV specifications and are deeply involved in defining our EMV application management tools.  

For queries relating to technical advice, consulting, specifications, training or just support on your smartcard project, please contact us.