About Us

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Our Business

Multos International is a secure device technology company that has been developing, selling and supporting some of the world’s most secure products for over 25 years.  Our pedigree in software solutions in smartcards and smart devices is renowned in the industry, having been involved in the most recognised projects in the world, including EMV banking cards, government-issued identity cards.

Our core focus is on MULTOS technology where we develop the operating system, applications and tools and services related to service the ecosystem.  We deliver modules, or chips, to 40+ card manufacturing partners globally, which are produced into the secure cards or devices for over 3,500 issuers. 

Our team includes development centres in Australia, Singapore and the UK, and a distributed sales and technical support network with offices located around the world.  We have collaborated with major payment schemes, financial issuers, processors, transit providers and government agencies to produce not only the MULTOS products, but also the applications and tools necessary to implement world-class smartcard installations. This includes projects with all the global payment brands (MasterCard, Visa, Discover/Diners, American Express, Union Pay, and JCB), as well as local debit networks, retailers, fuel/fleet and e-voucher programs.

The development and sales of secure smartcard technology is supplemented by a technical expert team that strives to provide the highest level of customer-focused support across technical and business aspects. These specialists are dedicated to ensuring customers receive consulting, training and support at every stage of their smartcard programmes. The expertise of this group extends beyond general technical support to include consulting, specification development, EMV parameter best-practice and training on all aspects of the smartcard ecosystem.

Our Philosophy

Our approach to doing business is something that we feel separates us from our competitors.  Multos International is a security software specialist with a huge amount of experience in smartcard and smart device deployments.  We do not produce cards, or silicon chips, or personalisation systems, but we work closely in partnership with dozens of the world’s leading vendors in each of those key categories.  This has allowed us to build up vast expertise in the secure device ecosystem and places the Multos International team in each region with a unique perspective to share with our issuer and perso bureau customers. 

Our expertise has been utilised by a wide variety of local and regional players that are able to rely on our technology leadership along with our valued position as a strategic supplier not competing with their card, perso or system business.

Our Team

We are a small, dynamic group with a fixation on getting the best security products into the hands of our customers.  Our team may be small, but we are proud of the outsized reputation we have achieved in the industry as one of the leading players in secure smartcard technology, serving customers with great products and services for over 20 years.  Our global reach is achieved through a mix of our own localised regional experts supporting a large network of partners in the card embedding, personalisation and integration services areas. 

The Multos International team consists of R&D specialist centres operating out of Sydney, Singapore and London; and an array of sales, technical directors and consultants supporting our regional sales activities from Sydney, Singapore, Beijing, New Delhi, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Montreal, Philadelphia, Baltimore and London.   

With over 27 nationalities represented within the company, we are also delighted that the diversity of our team allows us to support customers in 30 languages, with the list growing all the time.  Shoot us a question in any of the following languages and we’ll get back to you! 

English, Chinese Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish, Hindi, French, Cantonese, Afrikaans, Bangla, Croatian, Cymraeg (Welsh), Cebuano/Ilonggo/Tagalog (Filipino), Greek, Hebrew, Hindku, Hokkien, Italian, Japanese, Kannada, Korean, Malay, Malayalam,  Maltese, Persian, Punjabi, Sindhi, Telugu, Urdu