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Secure Connected Devices

As devices become smarter and more connected, there is a need to ensure those devices have adequate security. The so-called Internet of Things (IoT) encompasses a vast array of different interconnected devices used across numerous market sectors from industrial, commercial or consumer use-cases.  Many organisations have declared predictions of potentially billions of such connected devices.  Whatever the actual number, it is certain that any device connected to a digital network is open to attack, with examples of poor security practices being exploited on a daily basis.  Many of these devices or system components suffer from implementation issues that are either not known during the development stages or are poorly designed in the first place.  Using proven MULTOS technology, we are helping to turn those smart connected devices from merely being connected, to devices that are secure, easily provisioned, and managed in the field with the right levels of flexibility.

MULTOS technology is ideally suited to the security demands of many IoT sectors that utilise a secure connected device, especially:

  • Protecting critical assets
  • Connected via a distributed operating environment (such as the web, or even any corporate intranet)
  • Where devices need to be managed in the field, interacting with a central server system
  • End-to-end security with potentially distributed key management, utilising the MULTOS component in the end device as the core “Trust Anchor”

MULTOS devices are available in a variety of packages for integrating into embedded product designs, including VQFN surface mount packages or bare die wafer formats.

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Check out the explainer video embedded below