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MULTOS is undisputed as the world’s most secure smartcard operating system, having achieved the highest security evaluations possible for any smartcard product. As an open standard, multi-application platform, MULTOS was designed around the core tenets of:

  • Issuer controlled smartcard platform
  • Supply chain flexibility through interoperability
  • Security built-into the complete lifecycle
  • Flexible provisioning

Security and confidence are provided via numerous mechanisms and design characteristics specific to MULTOS. These include:

  • the process of enablement, which serves to tie individual chips to the issuers
  • the secure application load/delete process preventing unauthorized usage of any space within the chip
  • the use of secure packets known as application load units (ALUs) eliminate the need for secure sessions or dedicated networks when communicating with the smartcard
  • membership in the MULTOS consortium, which is responsible for development of the MULTOS specifications, is open to any organization.
  • end-to-end interoperability of MULTOS products means that issuers have more options in sourcing both products and services associated with the smartcard supply chain.
  • unparalleled on-card security, as evidenced by Common Criteria EAL level 7 and ITSEC level E6 (high) ratings, ensures that applications are segregated from one another. No MULTOS application may read from or write to the code or data of a subsequently installed application masquerading as one from a trusted third party.

EMV Payments

A complete range of products suited to any EMV issuance scenario, from online-only, SDA through to DDA/CDA and contactless or Dual-Interface. Click to read more about solutions for

Government ID

The world’s most secure smartcard platform, MULTOS offers government departments options for the strongest solutions to implement national citizen and other e-gov programs.  Click to read more about solutions for Government ID

Smart Connected Devices

As more and more devices become smarter and interconnected – the world of IoT, or the Internet of Things – there is a greater need for security, provisioning flexibility and in-field management of those devices.  Those are areas where MULTOS technology can provide an ideal option for the expanding universe of smart connected devices, turning them into Secure Connected Devices. Click to read more about solutions for the Secure Connected Devices