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News Flash: MAOSCO releases update of Smart Deck

[Re-post from] MAOSCO Ltd, the trading body of the MULTOS Consortium, has recently released an update of SmartDeck, the free developer toolset for MULTOS. Version 3.1.0 includes several useful new features and bugfixes. Details of the changes can be found in the software update thread of the MULTOS Application Developer Forum; see .

In conjunction, a beta version of a completely revised C-API for MULTOS has been released. This replaces most of the macros previously used to implement the C-API with standard ‘C’ prototypes. This makes better use of the features of Eclipse. A new feature of SmartDeck 3.1.0 ensures that the performance benefits of using a macro remain. For more information see . The corresponding header files can be found at . Feedback on this new API is welcome. Please e-mail or use the forum ( If you do not have a forum login, please contact and access will be set up for you.

To download the new version of SmartDeck, please visit and register to receive your copy. Remember to check your “Junk” mail folder for the e-mailed link as sometimes mail systems filter such automatically generated messages.