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EMV Totally Covered:

Payment networks depend on smartcard technology to provide cardholders piece-of-mind via strong EMV security, and offer flexibility through value-added services and multi-function capabilities.

Each payment brand has devised their own unique specifications that build onto the underlying core EMV design, requiring specific card applications developed to support the functionality. These applications are therefore dramatically different in terms of the approach to risk management, transaction specific functionality and value-added features important to those payment networks; not to mention the requirement for these card products to undergo separate scheme compliance processes to achieve security and functional approvals.

Multos International has developed a wide range of applications to meet the needs of EMV card issuers regardless of payment scheme, from the well-known global networks through to white label applications suitable for regional/local networks or private label payment networks.

Below is a list of applications we offer on various different platforms and the specification version they comply with. We continue to develop new applications, so please check for the latest updates and the configuration options to suit your needs