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The mTag, a new tiny contactless card form-factor can now easily turn a wearable device such as a wristband, into a convenient way to make payments. EMV-compliant contactless mTags can be used for payment as well as access control, public transport and many other use cases. It allows issuers to capitalize on business opportunities in emerging sectors such as stadiums, music festivals, corporate events and many more. As an example of the many options now available, the mTag can be inserted into a specially designed wristband. The silicon wristbands are waterproof and available in various styles, colours and shapes to suit different customer needs.

Multos International has developed a contactless mTag solution, offering the same features and high security that customers have come to expect in a MULTOS product, but now available in a tiny mTag form-factor. This allows bank issuers to utilise the same personalisation bureau processes already used in a standard card production, and now offer cardholders an array of various new options for paying using a wearable device.