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With contactless payment stickers, customers can turn their mobile phone into a payment device. In fact the payment sticker can be attached to any object that you wish to turn into a functioning payment option.  The process of enabling a customer for mobile payments is as simple as attaching the sticker onto their mobile and start paying with it. No need to worry which brand handset works, no searching around for a special payment app on the mobile, or worrying about how to register with all those different confusing payment wallet apps.

Simply tap the phone on the contactless POS terminal reader to make the payment. Contactless stickers can be issued as a complement to a standard payment card or as a standalone solution, the easiest way to enhance the payment options for customers.

MULTOS NFC contactless payment sticker (or just Payment Sticker for short) is a form factor that is smaller than a standard credit card. The Payment Sticker is based on our latest ML4 platform – the same product that we supply for contactless and dual-interface card products today – and therefore also leverages the standard MULTOS benefits that come with the technology. That means issuing the Payment Sticker couldn’t be simpler, utilising exactly the same processes and systems as for personalising an EMV card. The solution is available today for MasterCard and Visa projects – contact us for suitability with other payment brands.