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Introducing the MULTOS step/one SC4-P20 Series

The new MULTOS step/one P20 series is our latest platform release in the SC4 product family, designed to service the entry-level EMV, identity and general purpose smartcard markets.  The P20 range, supporting Real-Time Enablement and Seamless Transition, is the natural progression in our highly successful SC4 product family, designed for customers both new to MULTOS and those currently using our SC4-P12 range and planning for the next generation of EMV products. Click here to read more.

MULTOS is the world’s most secure and flexible smartcard and smart-device operating system platform*.  Used by thousands of issuers globally across a variety of markets such as EMV payments, government identity and services, secure authentication and many more.  That is because the MULTOS technology offers a host of features that set it apart from competing products:

True product interoperability to enable supply chain management. Type-approved testing ensures all products conform to the MULTOS standards.

Not just multi-application, but the most efficient configurations for lowest memory usage that translates into optimal products. This means the lowest total cost of ownership, especially for complex products variants.

Lifecycle management A unique product lifecycle management method for the greatest security and convenience. Allows the most dynamic provisioning options for any smart secure device, including central issuance, instant issuance, in-field updates and more.

One perso load script for all products. The MULTOS platform remains the easiest and most cost-effective way to personalise a smartcard chip. All commands and interactions with the chip are standardised, regardless of chip vendor, card vendor or perso vendor; and you can change products without incurring any perso script costs.

Most efficient configurations Did we mention MULTOS is the most secure smart device platform?

Product Options

MULTOS products are available in two varieties as defined by the MULTOS standards: the traditional MULTOS range that utilises public key cryptography methods for card lifecycle management and requires a chip with a crypto-coprocessor, and the MULTOS step/one range that uses symmetric key methods and is suited to entry-level projects.

 * Yes, we can back up that claim.  Our MULTOS platforms have been evaluated to the highest security standards possible for a smartcard technology. 

For more information on the MULTOS Technology go to our product page here.

Efficient Memory Use

MULTOS products are renowned for being the most memory efficient products available in the smartcard industry.  That’s not an accident.  MULTOS was designed from the ground up specifically for high-security smartcard chips.  So it is by design that the MULTOS operating system, with an optimised virtual machine and powerful APIs can accommodate a range of applications developed to meet the needs of EMV, government or authentication projects using a much smaller footprint. 

This leads to lower overall product cost and greater product management flexibility (more applications can fit on the product).     

Contactless and Dual-Interface

Our development team has been able to achieve impressive contactless transaction performance, improving on the requirements set by the payment brands, without compromising the security and flexibility that MULTOS brings.  Choose from a range of memory sizes from 12K to 144K, covering various contactless product formats from card to wearables to mobile payments. Product configurations options include the latest contactless EMV payment applications pre-loaded in memory.

Packaging Options 

MULTOS products are available in a number of different packaging options to meet contact, contactless and dual-interface product needs.   For contact only cards, we offer several standard contact module plates in 6-pin or 8-pin designs, available in gold or palladium surface finish.

For contactless projects we offer several fully packaged solutions for stickers, tags and other wearable devices (see dedicated pages for more detail).  For card size options, we are able to provide the standard contactless-only module that can be attached to your own sourced antenna, or we can deliver a complete bundle package with the antenna already attached.

For dual-interface projects our products are available in standard D/I package (for production using the physical antenna connection method via solder or conductive glue), or inductive coupling options where we have worked extensively with a variety of partners.

For design-in solutions on electronic sub-components, we have products available in surface mount packages (VQFN) or available as a chip die that can be bonded directly onto the circuit board. 

Contact us for further details on any of these package options.

Supporting ‘Real-Time Enablement’

The processes for preparing and loading applications onto MULTOS cards is unique and designed for personalisation operations to achieve the most flexibility (easily manage multiple card suppliers) and high efficiency (provision any application, any product, any channel without affecting the perso systems – no scripts to manage).  And now the new range of products include Real Time Enablement, which allows full integration and one-step provisioning right at the bureau using our new C3 (Control Centre Connected) key management utility.  No other platform matches this level of efficiency.