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Whether you are in the midst of a formal project or merely desire technical guidance, or information on the smartcard industry, Multos International training programs and resources can help you achieve your goals.

Our training courses and technical seminars are delivered in a variety of styles ranging from informative sessions on industry topics of the day, to in-depth training with hands-on tasks and real-world scenarios.  And since we are able to draw on a global network of experts with vast experience across many facets of the smartcard and smart device industries, you can obtain the knowledge you need quickly.

We offer a full complement of standard courses for all issuing environments.  Alternatively, hands-on courses can be tailored to emphasize those aspects deemed more important.  All sessions are led by experienced instructors and comprehensively address a wide range of advanced topics, including the roles and responsibilities of the various players and partners, software utilized, architectural overviews and the chip personalization process.

The material in our training modules has been presented to individuals representing all stakeholders in the smartcard industry. These include:


  • Issuing department
  • Project and IT managers
  • Development staff

Card manufacturers and Personalisation Bureaux

  • Technical and project staff
  • Marketing and sales staff
  • System implementation staff

Other Training and Consulting Options

  • Setting up card bureau for smartcards, particularly MULTOS
  • EMV applications and EMV parameter guidance (M/Chip 4, M/Chip Advance, VSDC VIS/VCPS, D-PAS, CUP PBOC, RuPay qSparc, PURE)
  • EMV issuance and EMV product migration
  • MULTOS application development

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