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Application Management

Our team have developed an advanced EMV Application Management suite called “Template Builder” that assist the customer with managing the hundreds of parameters that are required to setup an EMV card profile.  The Template Builder software is an easy-to-use tool that utilises a standard PDF user interface module.  The output files are compatible with all the major data preparation software products available on the market. 

Template Builder has the following features:

  • Modules are available for supporting the following applications:


Specs/Applications Supported



M/Chip Advance v1.0/1.1

•  Integrated Data Storage

•  US Debit profiles

•  M/Chip 4 compatible profiles


VIS1.4.1, VIS1.5.4


Includes US Debit profile support


D-PAS v1.0, D-PAS Contactless v1.1



PURE v1.5

Supports profiles defined for all domestic schemes using PURE




  • Can be installed on any standard Microsoft Windows® based machine
  • Parameter data is managed via simplified Adobe PDF input capture
  • Produces a standard MULTOS ALT (Application Load Template) file output that is recognised by the leading data-preparation software vendor products