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Although the term "MULTOS" is used to refer to the worlds most secure smartcard operating system, there are actually two versions of MULTOS available.

Full MULTOS implementations are RSA capable and require interaction with a key management authority (KMA) to provide the cryptographic files necessary to enable the chips and to load applications. MULTOS step/one is a lower-cost, non-RSA capable implementation that was designed specifically for financial issuers who are migrating to EMV. The primary difference that issuers will notice is that instead of a KMA, cryptographic assurance is provided by issuer-hosted software, known as Control Centre.

Specific benefits of MULTOS step/one include:

  • Support for EMV migration - Impact on business processes is minimised, allowing for quicker project implementation.
  • Compatibility with MULTOS - Being part of the MULTOS family means that MULTOS step/one provides the issuer with investment protection for a smartcard project.

Re-use applications - utilise exactly the same applications, and the same application development environment.

Re-use personalisation - supported by the same leading vendors that support MULTOS, therefore your equipment investment is protected.

Re-use security - the same security principles are followed for MULTOS step/one (except without any RSA cryptographic support), so you can be assured of the application and data protection.

  • Exceptional value for EMV migration - MULTOS step/one is an open platform that can support multiple applications and therefore multiple schemes on a single chip with pricing in line with that of the more limited native platforms. And being an open platform means there is more flexibility in the supply chain.
  • Instant issuance - Part of the value of the MULTOS architecture is the ability to distribute cards either from a centralised bureau or instantly from a distributed network (for example in a branch). MULTOS step/one retains this capability. Applications may be designed for MULTOS or MULTOS step/one or both. Similarly, they may utilize the contact interface, the contactless interface or both. Multos International has developed numerous products over a wide range of EEPROM sizes.

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