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Our MULTOS products are available in numerous form-factors supporting a variety of contactless applications including contactless payments, multi-function transit cards, e-Government programs and e-Passports.  We were the first to deliver certified contactless EMV products for M/Chip PayPass with our MULTOS dual-interface platform.  Working on these early dual-interface and contactless payment projects over the years, we have been able to bring the balance of unmatched security with super-fast contactless transaction performance – all without reducing or compromising any of the standard MULTOS benefits.  We now have a huge range of contactless EMV products with solutions to meet the global and domestic payment networks: M/Chip PayPass (M/Chip Advance), VSDC VCPS, D-PAS contactless (for Diners, Discover and other networks that have licensed D-PAS contactless), American Express ExpressPay, RuPay qSparc (India), MEPS MCCS (Malaysia), Interac Flash (Canada).