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Interview with ELO

Check out our latest interview with Andre Piva, the head of payment products at Elo in Brazil. We have been working with Elo for 10 years and are proud to be a part of their success to become a major payment scheme. So we thought it would be interesting to share some views on what Elo is doing and their plans for the future of payments. Click on 'Read more' for the full interview.

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Multos International Strategic Partner of Elo for International Cards

Multos International has launched the latest MULTOS chip product, now certified for international card issuing for Elo, the largest Brazilian credit card brand. As the competition intensifies in the Brazil payment card market, Elo wanted to extend its current domestic EMV credit and debit cards, to offer Elo cardholders the convenience to make payments when travelling abroad. This was made possible because of Elo’s technology approach, and the capability of the MULTOS product to provide a secure and flexible platform for EMV card applications to operate on the same chip to accommodate domestic and international acceptance.

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Trusting MULTOS for over 10 Years

In October 2015, Multos International was pleased to recognize Banamex, Mexico’s largest bank, for 10 years of chip card technology partnership. Banamex began the phase over to using MULTOS technology in late 2004, taking advantage of the product’s high speed personalisation capability and the flexibility of the platform to support multiple payment brands, while still enabling the purchasing department to work with several card vendors.

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Santander Mexico moves to MULTOS Technology for future advanced card projects

Multos International today announces that Santander (México) S.A, one of the largest issuers in México for credit/debit cards and part of the Santander global banking group, has chosen to migrate to MULTOS chip card technology for their card products. MULTOS is a smart card operating system based on an open standard governed by the MULTOS Consortium, an open industry forum comprised of more than 20 leaders of the smart card ecosystem. MULTOS is an open, high security, multi-application platform, defining a complete issuing environment. The technology brings operational benefits to card issuers and bureaus, such as more efficient personalization and reduced scripting and key management, compared to competing technologies.

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TSYS Mexico launches new products using MULTOS Technology

Multos International today announces that Total System Services de México (TSYS), one of the largest financial services provider for credit/debit card issuers, will use its MULTOS chip card technology solutions in their latest EMV services offering to support banks and financial institutions. The new product launch includes support for a full range of technology options from SDA to DDA/CDA and dual interface, utilising MULTOS technology with payment applications from Multos International, approved by the major payment brands. TSYS solutions simplify the entire process for their issuer customers providing them guidance along the full cycle from product planning to final production.

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