EMV certificate authority solutions

CA solution for proprietary debit and other schemes migrating to EMV

As countries develop their plans for EMV rollout, proprietary debit and private label schemes must plan their own strategies for EMV migration. EMV migration can appear to be a daunting challenge for payments schemes, issuers and acquirers, however we have a full range of products and services to help make the task as easy as possible.

A critical foundation for any payment scheme implementing EMV is the need for an EMV certificate authority (CA). An EMV CA supports the creation of payment system keys and the signing of issuer keys. Payment system keys are distributed to acquirers and deployed in EMV point-of-sale terminals. Signed issuer keys support the EMV card production process.

Fast and easy implementation with hosted or licensed offering

The MULTOS International EMV CA is a modern solution that supports web-based management and interaction for payment schemes, issuers and acquirers. The solution is available either as a software license or alternatively as a hosted solution. A software license provides payment schemes who have existing expertise with a solution that can be deployed under their control within a suitably secure data centre. The hosted solution offers a quick, cost-effective and easy implementation path.