Últimas Atualizações de Produtos

Apresentação do MULTOS step/one série SC4-P20

O novo Multos step/one série P20 é a nossa mais recente versão de plataforma da família de produtos SC4, projetada para atender aos mercados de smartcard para fins gerais, de identidade e EMV nível básico. A linha P20, que suporta Ativação em Tempo Real e Transição sem Problemas, é o avanço natural de nossa bem-sucedida família de produtos SC4, projetada tanto para os clientes novos da MULTOS quanto para aqueles que atualmente usam nossa linha SC4-P12 e estão planejando a próxima geração de produtos EMV.

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Discover D-PAS R2 application extended on SC4-P12

D-PAS R2 application certification life has been extended by Discover for 6 months on SC4-P12 platform, it will now be expired on Feb 2018 instead of Aug 2017.

Interac Flash application extended on ML4-P13

Interac Flash R2 application certification life has been extended by Interac for 12 months on ML4-P13 platform, it will now be expired on Oct 2018 instead of Oct 2017.

MULTOS Stickers are now certified on P17 platform

Multos Stickers are now certified on ML4-P17 platform for both M/Chip advance R2 application and VSDC R5 (Based on VIS 1.5.4 and VCPS 2.1.2).

Introducing the new MULTOS P17 Series

The new MULTOS P17 series is our latest platform release using the well-known SLE77 chip family from Infineon. In addition to performance improvements and the very latest in security countermeasures, offering a revolutionary approach to managing MULTOS card lifecycle aspects. 

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M/Chip advance and VSDC now certified on P17 platform series

The Multos International's latest contact products, the MC4-P17 range is now certified by MasterCard (M/Chip advance R2 application) and Visa (VSDC R4 application), available in different memory size for issuers requiring DDA/CDA EMV.

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What is Real Time Enablement (RTE)?

RTE will revolutionise personalisation. MULTOS products are unique in the industry, utilising a cryptographic lock between each individual chip and the issuer or owner of the chip. This digital lock – or what is called enablement – activates a standard vanilla MULTOS chip, turning it into a targeted device that will only accept applications with correctly matching digital certificates to be loaded. This process has been successfully utilised to enable some 800+ million devices.

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Next Generation Control Centre – C3

Connected Control Centre (C3) is the next generation release of our well known key management utility for step/one, now also supporting the new MULTOS P17 platform series products (and all our future MULTOS platforms).

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MULTOS products fully compliant with US Debit requirements

When it comes to migrating payment cards to EMV (particularly debit cards), the US has a few unique factors making chip cards more challenging, with differences such as the number of independent debit networks, the regulatory framework that requires that merchants have the option to choose from at least two unaffiliated debit networks for processing debit transactions (Durbin amendment). 

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MULTOS D/I Products now available with Coil Antenna Technology

The ML4 DDA Dual Interface MULTOS platform in Coil module format is now certified by MasterCard (M/Chip Advance application) and available for our card manufacturers partners.

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