MULTOS Technology

MULTOS - the Safest Choice

Multos International's products have achieved the highest level of security evaluation for any multi-application smartcard opera ting system. MULTOS remains the best choice for securing your data and the preferred platform for EMV, identity and data security.

Confidence of a Proven Solution

MULTOS has a proven field performance in projects ranging from EMV to transportation to large-scale national ID. This history provides assurance that MULTOS can be successfully implemented in an increasingly diverse array of smartcard projects; with over 150 million chips deployed. Reduce the risk in your project by using MULTOS.

MULTOS is able to run existing applications, and provide enhanced features for new applications.

Maintain Control Over your Smartcard Project

MULTOS is the only fully open smartcard scheme that gives you full control over your smartcard implementation. Fully defined lifecycle management means there is multiple sourcing at every level of the supply chain and you get to choose which parts to implement. The simple message is that MULTOS is smartcards made easy.

Multiply your Revenue Stream

The flexibility of a multi-application platform means that you can combine several different applications onto the one card, at any stage in the card lifecycle, along with the pre-loaded applications already installed on the MULTOS module. All this brings the chance to introduce value-add into any smartcard project.

More applications pre-loaded including M/Chip4, MICA, M/Chip 2.06, VSDC, qVSDC, MODS, J/Smart, XLS, PKI, biometrics, loyalty and regional applications for Korea, Taiwan and Malaysia.

Comprehensive Support Community

You can be certain that your smartcard project will be comprehensively supported by Multos International and the MULTOS community - your partners for success. You can choose from multiple card manufacturers, bureaux, application developers or off-the-shelf applications ranging from EMV payments, e-purse, loyalty, ID, health, biometrics, PKI and others.