MULTOS contactless & dual-interface

MULTOS, the world's leading platform for EMV, identity and data security, is available in a range of contactless and dual-interface options. Multos International has combined the renowned security and flexibility of MULTOS with the speed and convenience of contactless - creating opportunities for even more value-added applications. Choose contactless-only (for access control or e-Passport deployments) or dual-interface configurations (for EMV deployments), and a range of memory options from 8K to 80K. The product includes the latest contactless EMV payment applications pre-loaded in ROM memory. Highlighting the benefits of our MULTOS platform - a truly complete range of smartcard options to suit the needs of issuers.

Advancements in contactless technologies have provided an ideal solution for increasing the convenience and speed of various payment transactions and therefore a great enhancement to EMV payment cards. Targeted at environments that usually handle cash or low value transactions such as quick-serve restaurants, fuel stations, movie theatres, convenience stores and many more, these contactless solutions offer the benefits of EMV levels of security but with the speed and convenience of  a contactless interface.

Working with dozens of card manufacturers globally, Multos International has a proven track record of providing support for numerous different antenna inlay options and card form-factors including 4-line embossing, ½ size antenna and contactless stickers.

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