MULTOS products fully compliant with US Debit requirements

When it comes to migrating payment cards to EMV, the US has a few unique factors making chip cards uniquely challenging, particularly when it comes to debit cards. A key difference of the US market is the number of independent debit networks that compete for market share. In addition, complicating the technical implementation of chip cards, is the regulatory framework that requires that merchants have the option to choose from at least two unaffiliated debit networks for processing debit transactions (called the Durbin amendment).

EMV products from Multos International enable U.S. financial institutions to issue credit and debit cards fully compliant with US Durbin amendment. Our latest products support the data sharing as recommended by schemes such as MasterCard and Visa in order to comply with US debit requirement. Our products use the “multi-access” feature, available on the MULTOS platform, providing the ability to share all or part of application data between multiple entry points (or AIDs) to the main payment application on the card. This makes it faster and easier to issue cards supporting any of the payment networks, and since data sharing uses less memory space there can be cost savings compared to other platforms. Hundreds of issuers in the US are already using the secure, flexible MULTOS products for their EMV migration projects. Products are available to support SDA, DDA, and dual-interface, for all the payment brands.