Introducing the new MULTOS P17 series

The new MULTOS P17 series is our latest platform release using the well-known SLE77 chip family from Infineon. In addition to performance improvements and the very latest in security countermeasures, our development for the new P17 platform focused on how MULTOS is used in the personalisation bureau - the P17 offers a revolutionary approach to managing MULTOS card lifecycle aspects. Available in configurations of either MC4 (DDA contact) or ML4 (DDA Dual-Interface), the P17 range can be enabled using either the usual MULTOS central key management authority (KMA) or using our Control Centre utility for in-bureau key management, exactly the same as our step/one SDA products. For the first time ever, the perso bureau can now choose to implement Real-Time Enablement (RTE) right in the bureau. The P17 range also offers high speed personalisation across any card state to ensure perso time is reduced. Fully backward compatible with our other MC4 and ML4 products, migration to the new P17 range is easy.

M/Chip advance and VSDC now certified on P17 platform series:

Multos International’s latest contact products, the MC4-P17 range is now certified by MasterCard (M/Chip advance R2 application) and Visa (VSDC R4 application), available with memory sizes of 8K, 18K and 36K; these products are aimed at issuers requiring DDA/CDA EMV. MULTOS new dual interface product ML4-P17 has also been certified recently by MasterCard (M/Chip advance R2 application). Other schemes certifications are underway, check for availability.