MULTOS D/I Products now available with Coil Antenna Technology

The ML4 DDA Dual Interface MULTOS platform in Coil module format is now certified by MasterCard (M/Chip Advance application) and available for our card manufacturers partners. The M8.2Coil package is a new bundle packaging offer for dual-interface card production that includes a special Coil module and a matching antenna inlay prelam sheet. The offer is perfectly suited to card manufacturers looking to move into dual-interface cards, without the upfront costs and technical complexities required of other offers. The specialized module basically consists of a small antenna on the back of the module plate that communicates to the larger antenna (sometimes called a booster) on the card to achieve a high performing contactless transaction compliant with the international card brand approval rules.

Our MasterCard certified product also allows card manufactures to receive their own LoA through a simplified process (no additional testing required). This not only speeds up the card product certification, but greatly reduces the one-off setup costs, enabling card vendors to leverage MULTOS technology rapidly.