Open loop transit solutions, entailing both a transit application and an EMV payment application on a single contactless or dual-interface smartcard, represent an optimal environment for MULTOS.

Applications present on a MULTOS or MULTOS step/one card operate entirely independent of each other throughout their respective lifecycles. Owners of the applications remain responsible for the provisioning of their respective applications and are assured that individual applications are unable to interfere, or otherwise access data, of other applications co-residing on the smartcard.

Application provisioning

MULTOS applications are loaded to chips in secure packets known as application load units (ALUs). The use of ALUs precludes the need for secure transmission. As a result, dedicated lines and HSMs are not required for the remote loading of applications. This facilitates loading of the transit application on a bank-issued card at kiosks, which may be located, for example, at stations or passenger terminals.

Control over card content

During the application loading process, a file referred to as an application load certificate (ALC) must accompany the ALU. ALCs are specific to both the application and the card. In this way, the owner(s) of the application and issuer of the card itself are assured of the mix of applications capable of being present on the smartcard at any time throughout its lifecycle.

Operating security

Distinct operating environments for each application resident on a MULTOS card ensure that applications are completely independent of each other. The providers of the payment and transit application are therefore assured that application-specific data and variables can not be compromised and are protected entirely within their own firewalls.

MULTOS offers the ability to effectively bridge the gap that may exist between transit operators and financial issuers. The MULTOS framework assures that the interests of all parties, including those of the cardholders, are protected to the highest degree. No other operating system offers an equivalent mix of control and flexibility. When it comes to open loop transit solutions, MULTOS is secure synergy.