Government ID

Smartcard solutions for Government ID

Multos International has a long history of providing secure solutions to leading government smartcard programs, ranging from national identity cards to military access and health cards and e-passports. We have a proven ability to work with partners, both local and international, delivering secure solutions to customers worldwide. Our MULTOS products have been used to deliver various solutions including national citizen and military personnel identity, family health benefits, driver license, e-passports and more. In fact, you will find our MULTOS technology has been used in a surprising number of government programs, delivered by some of the biggest names in the industry.

Contact us to find out more about some of our success stories, such as the Hong Kong Smartics ID and e-passport projects, the citizen's ID in Saudi Arabia and and health card, the Venezuela military ID card and many others.

Our products and services include a range of MULTOS secure platform products from 4K to 80K. Applications are generally uniquely developed to meet the requirements of the customer.

PKI application

The Multos International PKI application has been utilized in solutions including e-banking, offering a secure web-enabled banking experience, to corporate logical access control applications (with single-sign-on capability).

The application is highly configurable on numbers of certificates, on-card RSA key generation and PIN characteristics and comes with PC client software offering PKCS#11 or MS-CAPI interfaces.

PIV application

The Multos International PIV application complies with the FIPS201 specification and has been designed to meet the needs of government agencies issuing secure ID cards. Initially targeted for our 80K dual-interface MULTOS product, the PIV application provides the functionality required in a government identity card.

Contact us to find out more about our PIV application and the card manufacturer partners that we can work with to offer you complete card products using our MULTOS technology.

Identity application

There are various options for delivering a secure identity application and Multos International can provide a solution to fit your specific needs. Our identity applications have been used in low-cost, low memory products storing simple biometric information, right up to highly complex multiple level file systems containing data for various government agencies. And since these applications are available on both our secure MULTOS and MULTOS step/one platforms, we believe the solution provides the maximum flexibility and benefits for both governments and document holders.