Predicated upon ISO standards (7816 for contact cards and 14443 for contactless cards), EMV has become the de-facto standard for payment applications.

Similarly, MULTOS has become the solution of choice for discerning EMV issuers wishing to more fully leverage the capabilities of smartcards. Core design features associated with MULTOS, including: enablement, load/delete certificates and confidential application load units, provide financial issuers the luxury of remaining in complete control throughout the lifecycle of the smartcard. Tailoring individual products to meet the requirements of specific market segments is further facilitated by the use of application templates. Flexibility, faster personalization time and unparalleled on-card security make MULTOS a logical choice for all brands.

MULTOS has been implemented by issuers for all major payment schemes. These include the international players such as MasterCard, VISA, American Express and JCB, but also numerous regional domestic schemes that provide debit services.

Our EMV products are available in contact, contactless and dual-interface formats in numerous EEPROM sizes.

MULTOS step/one has been specifically designed to assist issuers in their initial rollout of EMV products.

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