Woman at shop checkout with smartcardChips, or more specifically the metallic contact plates that are prominent on the face of many smartcards, are the most visible aspect of our business. The issuance of smartcards however goes far beyond the individual pieces of plastic. It represents a fundamental change to most core issuing business processes.

MULTOS, the worlds most secure multi-application smartcard operating system, was designed to enhance issuers commitment to get the most out of their investment, all the while protecting the integrity of the single most important link issuers have to their customers the data on the cards themselves.

More than just an operating system, MULTOS comprises a framework of interrelated processes and files that serve to define an issuer-centric smartcard business model.

No matter what the implementation pertains to, be it payments, ID, transit, or a combination thereof, the MULTOS framework puts the issuer in control.

Security and confidence are provided via numerous mechanisms and design characteristics specific to MULTOS. These include:

  • the process of enablement, which serves to tie individual chips to the issuers
  • the secure application load/delete process preventing unauthorized usage of any space within the chip
  • the use of secure packets known as application load units (ALUs) eliminate the need for secure sessions or dedicated networks when communicating with the smartcard
  • membership in the MULTOS consortium, which is responsible for development of the MULTOS specifications, is open to any organization
  • end-to-end interoperability of MULTOS products means that issuers have more options in sourcing both products and services associated with the smartcard supply chain
  • unparalleled on-card security, as evidenced by Common Criteria EAL level 7 and ITSEC level E6 (high) ratings, ensures that applications are segregated from one another. No MULTOS application may read from or write to the code or data of a subsequently installed application masquerading as one from a trusted third.


We have a myriad of MULTOS-based products that place issuers in full control of their EMV issuance.

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Government ID

Specifically designed in response to FIPS201, including major components of the NIST specification.

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The MULTOS operating system is ideally suited to support transit applications on open-looped financial cards.

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